Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

Here are the questions we are commonly asked. If your question isn’t in the list, feel free to contact us.

Do I own the salary data?

Absolutely! The data you gather via your salary widget is yours. It can be searched, managed and exported by you at any time via the Admin Dashboard. Just go to Salary Data and click on Search Salaries or Export Salary Data.

What are the design customisation options for my salary widget?

There are 5 different widget designs, all of which can easily be customised in your Dashboard to make sure they complement your website. Just go to Widget Setup and click on Customise Widget Design.

You can change the following:

-Colour scheme to match your branding (full colour palette)
-Text font (10 options to complement your website)
-Heading and sub-heading text
-Rounded or square corners

From the Dashboard you can also set up:

-Your choice of locations and job roles
-Custom questions (How many years experience? Highest level of qualification? etc.)
-Your choice of currencies
-Your choice of pay periods, e.g. annual, weekly, hourly
-Your own call to action link (to your jobs page for example)

How do I install my widget?

From your Dashboard, under Widget Setup, click on Widget Installation.

Simply copy the code snippet and send it to your website administrator / web developer. It takes no more then a few minutes to install.

Can I install my widget on more than one website domain?

Yes! You can purchase additional licences for additional domains at a discounted price. This will enable you to deploy your salary widget on more than one website if you have a group of websites. You simply need to purchase the upgrade, enter the new domain name in Manage Domains (within your Dashboard) and then install the code snippet on the new site. The upgrade can be purchased from your Billings page and is called ‘Domain Add-On’.

Is my widget GDPR compliant?

When users compare their salary using your widget, they do so anonymously. If they choose to provide further personal information such as their name, email address and CV, they are asked to agree to a Privacy Policy provided by us. This Privacy Policy is tailored for the purpose of the salary widget and outlines how the user’s personal data will be used. It also explains how the user can exercise their rights to gain access to their personal data or request its removal.

What if I don't have space on my website to display the widget?

There are 3 options for displaying the widget:

  1. Display widget permanently in a fixed position

It can be embedded into a suitable space on your web page (via a simple code snipped we give to your web admin) and is displayed permanently.

  1. Display widget only when users click on a tab

If you don’t have a suitable space on your web page (or can’t create one), we display an animated tab on your web page and when users click the tab, they see the widget.

  1. Display widget on first page load and when users click on a tab

This is a variation of option 2. When users land on your web page, your widget will be displayed in a closable pop up. Users can either compare their salary or close the pop up. If they close the pop up, a tab is displayed to allow them to re-open it if they wish.

Options 2 and 3 mean you can avoid changing your web page layout but still benefit from offering your users the chance to compare their salary using your widget.

You can see all 3 options in action by going to your Dashboard, clicking on Widget Display Options and toggling between the 3 options. Just click Preview to test each one.

Can I collect salary data in different currencies?

Of course! We support all the world’s main currencies. Log into your Dashboard, click on Widget Setup and then Advanced Settings. Add your desired currencies. You can also set a default currency which will be pre-selected on your widget. Easy peasy!

Where does the salary data come from?

It is easy to enter an initial sample of salary records before you launch your widget and we recommend this. It will ensure that you have a base level of data to start with. After that, the salary data is contributed by your users. Every time a candidate compares their salary, your salary database grows! Just go to ‘Enter Salary Data‘ under ‘Widget Setup‘ in your Dashboard to input some initial data.

What are the widget dimensions?

Our standard widget dimensions are 300 pixels wide by 380 pixels high. We’ve found this to be the optimum size for displaying the necessary information without taking up too much space on the host page. It fits neatly into mobile/cell phone screens too.

How can my business benefit from Salary Widget?

Salary Widget enables you to provide a unique, value added service to your clients and candidates who have an interest in salary trends and market pay rates.

-It helps you engage with passive candidates who may be interested in their market worth
-Generates enquiries from candidates who submit their CV and enquire about jobs which may offer better pay & benefits
-Enables you to build an accurate understanding of real salaries in your marketplace for different job roles and locations
-Enables you to produce average salary reports for your clients and provide salary bench-marking services – a great value added service
-Gives your website a tool to drive user engagement and set you apart from your competition
-Once set up, it does it all by itself!

It’s free to try Salary Widget. Why not start your trial today and discover how it can help your business grow?

Is there a minimum contract term?

Nope! You can cancel anytime. If we are doing our job properly, hopefully you won’t want to.

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